About Pehel Educational Foundation

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Illiteracy is the major issue currently India is facing .Although this may seem absurd at first but the truth remains the same and we can’t deny it and Illiteracy is the major cause of poverty in India. ‘’Pehel Educational Foundation’’ is totally dedicated to the Literacy of Poors. It is a registered Non Government Organization (Registerdunder Act 21 of 1860 Reg.No.KAP/00407/2021-2022) with PAN India Presence. Members of this Organization are Social workers who worked or are working in Social Activities in their society in different fields.

About Pehel Educational Foundation

Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to approach children residing in slums,villages & EW .Make them Literate and promote them for their higher Education as well.So that they can eradicate the poverty of their family.

  • Out Mission is to equally contribute Government for the eradication of Illiteracy in India as well.

About Pehel Educational Foundation

Our Working Method

  • We approach childrens residing in slums,villages,EWS

  • We meet them in mass and explain them the importance of literacy.

  • We Register their childrens in our Organization.

  • We Educate the children by quaulified persons of our organization eg.Teachers, Professor, Doctors ,Enginears, and other well educated persons.

  • We Promote them for admission under RTE Act of Govt.of India.

  • We Promote them for obtaining Scholarship for Higher Education by Govt.

  • We take the responsibility at our level for providing Education & Higher Education by the funds of our Organization.

  • We equally provide the medical facilities to children and their families by our reputed hospitals and clinics of the members of our Organization.

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